Hi there. I’m Manpreet, founder of Studio Dhesi. From day-to-day I’m many things: strategist, planner, comms lead, marketer, project manager. But, ultimately, my job is to connect people.

I work with clients, across government, charity and industry, who have big ideas: ideas that are complex, radical, important. I help them to unite their own teams around the ideas. Then, I help them to share the ideas with external audiences.

These connections help my clients to change minds, to change behaviour – to change how people experience the world.

Here’s how I work:

Understanding which dots to join

I start by getting to know your organisation – who you are, how you work and what you want to achieve through this particular project. I also look at your wider priorities and challenges, to understand how your project fits into the bigger picture.

Bridging head and heart

We agree what you need to say to the people inside and outside your business. We find the point where what you want to say meets what your audience needs to hear, to create messages that are not just clear, but also human and compelling.

Building a united team

We agree how to get your messages out there, be it through tweets or tube adverts. If you need specialists – designers, UX specialists, PR consultants – I use my network to find them. And I become part of your team myself, as invested as any employee.

All the while, I make sure everyone is in the loop. Across different teams in different silos and different service areas, I make sure all stakeholders feel connected to what’s going on.

Making the connection with your audience

We reach out to your audience, sending messages that can move, persuade, inspire. Messages that make your audiences feel closer to you. Finally, I leave you with strategic plans and tools, so that you can maintain great relationships long after I’m gone.

Get in touch to see what I can do for you.